In such a connected world, rarely do we go a moment without feeling our phone buzz in our pocket, our inbox ping or the sound of some sort of device continually competing for our attention. It amazed me when Apples recent iOS update started to tell me how long I spend on my phone each day. 2 hours and 9 minutes - to be precise - today, somewhat disconcerting Apple reassured me I’m just 15 mins above the “average”. This doesn't include the 7 hours I was staring at my laptop.

A study found that people receive, on average, 121 e-mails and 63.5 additional notifications per day. It’s unabating, sometimes it blurs into innocuous background noise.

Now I’ve never been one for turning my phone off and sitting in a dark room, however when realising my aforementioned 'screen time' afflictions, I thought about times where my stress levels were low. As someone who runs an e-commerce start up, is an avid social media fan and a typical tech obsessed “millennial” I soon realised the reason that I always felt at peace when I immersed myself in my favourite country in the world, Malawi. I wasn't spending almost 10% of my waking time checking for "important" updates on my phone. 

VM Lorna Reading

To really connect... with yourself and others, sometimes you have to go where the Wi-fi is weak.

That’s not to say that cell networks have not reached Malawi, of course they have. Nor is it to say I’ve not been busy doing great work in Malawi, I have. However, sometimes you're just not as compelled to check your emails and stress about social media updates when you're staring up at the Mulanje Massif or enjoying a moment of contemplation on the shores of Lake Malawi. As a result, the stresses of daily life lift as you realise what is truly important.

This is where the Connect Retreat was born. An idea for an expedition for 20 like minded leaders and entrepreneurs on an adventure of the mind, body and soul. All set against the magical backdrop of the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi.

VN Women in Business

This 9 day expedition and retreat will take everyone on a journey which will:

- create lasting value for you and your business through entrepreneurial connections and discussion;

- allow you time to get away from your daily stresses;

- enjoy guided self reflection, relaxation, mindfulness, yoga and time for self-development;

- meet similar like minded individuals and emerge yourself in local cultures;

- challenge yourself physically and explore the wonderful Mount Mulanje, safari at Mvuu Camp and relax and enjoy a sun downer on the shores of Lake Malawi.

You’ll return with new perspectives, new friendships and refreshed ambition.

If you feel like you'd benefit from the Connect Retreat and want to hear more, then please get in touch with

Dates: 7th to 14th September 2019 

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