Street Chef is a small, local initiative designed to get healthy, locally grown food onto the streets of Malawi and will be at the heart of 2018's Orbis Challenge "Sport With a Purpose" Campaign.

UNICEF states that in Malawi "there has unfortunately been no change in children's nutritional status since 1992".  

Around two-thirds of children under 5 years old are anaemic, and over a third are stunted, which means their food intake prevents them from growing and developing properly.  

Among adults, nutrition deficiencies underpin unacceptably high disease and mortality rates.  This means that illnesses that wouldn’t usually cause someone so much damage become much more dangerous.

Street food in Malawi is mainly processed and mass-produced, sold at a low price to try to make it accessible to as many people as possible. School children are often buying chips and meat cooked in large vats of oil for their lunch.

In essence, malnutrition remains a serious issue in Malawi, and Street Chef wants to tackle this.

Street Chef Options 3

Street Chef stations will use locally grown ingredients, minimal oil, and no preservatives or processed ingredients.  Street Chef’s Chris and Florence combined their passion for permaculture and nutrition with the need in Malawi to fight against deforestation, and came up with stoves that use minimal firewood and are the perfect accessory for a street food kitchen. 

They – and we – would like to have Street Chef stations, using specially designed stoves, in a number of locations around Blantyre to provide healthy, affordable lunchtime snack options for students and those working in the city.

You can see a video of an example station here, with Orbis Expeditions founder Kate trying some of the food:

Orbis Challenge Sport with a Purpose

Orbis Expeditions and the Sport With a Purpose team are now fundraising for Street Chef Malawi.  All of the money raised will go towards launching Street Chef within the Blantyre area.  This will include building the stoves, training local teams of chefs to run each station, and supporting Street Chef in their first year of business.

The Sport With a Purpose campaign begins in October 2018, when double Olympic Champion Dame Kelly Holmes and 20 teammates will take on the ultimate Malawi Challenge: running Mulanje Mountain, cycling across Zomba Plateau, and kayaking on Lake Malawi.

The dream is no more chicken and chips cooked in vats of oil, no more cheap packets of crisps bought for a lunchtime snack…instead, street kitchens feeding city workers and school children while simultaneously building a business for the street chefs. A GoFundMe page has been set up, and is now accepting donations. 

Whether you want to donate to Street Chef, reserve your place alongside Dame Kelly Holmes, discuss our expedition in the media, or want to know anything else about the very first Orbis Challenge: Sport with a Purpose, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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