The September Women's Challenge Team is revealed!

Who's who on this year's 2nd Challenge Team. 

On 27th September, 8 women will fly from the UK to Malawi on the second Orbis Expeditions Women’s Challenge.

September 2018 Womens Challenge2

Each of us has a different background and wealth of experience, but all are passionate about what we can offer Malawians in business skill sharing and classroom workshops.

We will be challenged physically, too, with mountain treks - not to mention the inevitable netball match against the secondary school!

Click here to check out a video from one of the ladies on Orbis Expedition’s first Women’s Challenge!

So who are the inspirational women heading out on the September 2018 Orbis Expeditions Women’s Challenge?


A 2017 Artist Designer Maker university graduate, Alice is our creative genius on the team. She has most recently worked at an art exhibition all about ice cream! Alice is also a fundraising officer for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

During the Expedition’s time at Rainbow Village Secondary School, Alice will be leading Form 3 in creating educational art murals.


Living in east Cornwall with her cat, Annie works for St Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth as an Organisational Development Manager.

Annie has had some intriguing ideas for ice breaking and trust building activities for our morning at Rainbow Village Secondary School. She is excited for the Women’s Challenge’s aspect of business development.

Becca B

Becca is passionate about equality and women empowerment. A freelance digital communicator specialising in website and social media content, Becca is the writer of this post!

As a Devon Wildlife Trustee, she is hoping to see a range of animals, both on safari as well as on Mount Mulanje and Mumbo Island! At Rainbow Village Secondary School, Becca B is leading the CV and Interview skills workshop.

Becca L

Becca is a Solicitor for Gard & Co in Plymouth, Devon. She now mainly deals with commercial cases, and has previously volunteered at Citizens Advice.

Along with Zoe, Becca will meet representatives of the Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC), a women’s rights NGO. They will both meet the staff working on the ground in Malawi’s capital, Blantyre.


Jane lives in Bristol. She has been a business coach for about 8 years, and has 20 years of experience in PR and marketing before that.

Following the Women’s Challenge, Jane is staying on in Malawi for a while longer - an option which Orbis Expeditions offers all of its team members. Orbis Expeditions is in the process of setting up some 1:1 mentoring sessions so Jane can exchange skills with local businesswomen.


Since arriving in the UK from Hungary 14 years ago with a nursing background, Myrtill switched to working in clinical research. She has been giving the group good tips on malaria tablets!

The Women’s Challenge Expedition to Malawi won’t be Myrtill’s first time in Africa - she worked in Sierra Leone in 2015 during the Ebola crisis.

Myrtill joined the Women’s Expedition as she wanted to do something meaningful with her time - which is what Orbis is all about! Check out Orbis Expeditions’ manifesto and values on the About Us page.


Originally from Nigeria, Yekemi has lived in Scotland for 14 years. She has a background in engineering, but now runs her own marketing consultancy. With her experience in self-employment, she’s perfectly placed for our Entrepreneurship Forum!

Check out Yekemi’s incredible JustGiving page. She’s been raising money through Bake Sales and other activities, which will have a huge impact in Malawi.


Now head of legal for a parcel logistics company, Zoe’s background is as a Finance Solicitor. As above, Zoe is joining Becca L in the Law group in the Expedition’s first few days in Malawi.

Zoe is leading the Sports Bonanza, which will be an energetic way to conclude the Expedition’s time at Rainbow Village Secondary School! Netball is a popular sport in Malawi, so the team are making sure to pack their trainers...

So you’ve met our September 2018 Women’s Challenge Expedition Team!
Reckon you would enjoy working with people as wonderful as these? Take a look at the 
Orbis Expeditions Scheduled Departures and #BePartOfSomething!

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