Scotland Malawi Partnership's Youth Congress 2018 took place at Hampden Park. A packed venue with over 300 S3 to S6 students and their teachers from across Scotland launching a year of events for the Year of Young People 2018.

Scotland Malawi Partnership in action

my views, my voice...

  • interactive workshops focused on developing skills and strengthening understanding
  • inter-school networking and learning about our Scotland and Malawi links
  • interview the experts - students looked at the challenges, success stories and the Scotland Malawi relationship

Scotland Malawi Partnership

Global Citizenship in action

Dom and Kate Webb of Orbis Expeditions ran workshops at the event focusing on global citizenship.


  • thought provoking workshop to get the young people to think about what it means to be a global citizen
  • consider the effects of incoming visitors to local people in rural Malawi
  • is our idea of being a global citizen the same for young people in Malawi?
  • how does this concept fit in with the UN Global Goals?

Scotland Malawi Partnership

Activity based discussions

  • Discuss the idea of Global Citizenship, what it is and what does it mean?
  • How relevant is it to young people in Scotland and is it also relevant to young people in Malawi?
  • What can we do - Global Goal Cards. Are the Global Goals ever in conflict with each other when they cross borders and cultures?
  • Talk about visiting Malawi and all the benefits this brings. Is there another side we also need to think about?
  • Aid Dependency - debate about communities becoming dependent on hand outs and the inequality this can cause. You are a visiting Scottish school coming to build a classroom - what are the benefits and potential challenges you'll face? How will the community feel to have you there and what effect will your visit have on the community?
  • Which global goals does this apply to?
  • Human Wildlife Conflict - Visiting National Parks and conservation areas, the community’s need for natural resources from the park and the human/wildlife conflict debate. Which global goals does this apply to?
  • Create a moving freeze frame that highlights the main points in each debate, based on the situation card you have been given.
  • Show the pieces and feedback.

Scotland Malawi Partnership

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