When I first met Ekari Mtewa I was won over by his sparkly glasses and his passion to further his education and career.

He is one of RSC's funniest staff members and always brightens up the office! Here Ekari explains why he loves working for The Responsible Safari Company...

'The feeling of working for RSC'. By Ekari Mtewa

Born in family of five and raised in the southern part of Malawi, I belong to the yao tribe from Zomba and was named Ekari meaning ‘lucky’- as my Parents wanted a baby boy.

My family was above average in finances as my father was a chief Editor(P2) at Malawi News Agency with only one step remaining to be a principle secretary in the ministry of Information. Things change when he passed away in 2005, as my mum’s job was not very stable to sustain a big family, but now things have gone back to normal because am now able to provide everything, including bills, food and payment for the school fees of my relatives.

It is an open secret that I love working for The Responsible Safari Company.

I have worked for two multinational companies dealing in distribution and manufacturing, products, before joining RSC where individual skills and brilliance are sharpened, where the philosophy of hating corruption and denying bribes is in planted in each and every employee, where the philosophy of working hard as the solution to all our needs is highlighted, and above all where employee’s lives are transformed within a blink of an eye.

They are a number of reasons I love working for The Responsible Safari Company 

  • We have a healthy working environment: This includes adequate space, well lit, clean, proper equipment and a team which cares and communicates in an honest and timely fashion.
  • Responsibility: We have a team that is responsible for its own actions, that can be trusted with complex responsibilities.
  • Recognition for a Job well done: In my Journey as a stock controller, I have never received compliments for the Job well done, this made me to look at myself as a non-starter and useless, but after meeting Kate and Dom and the recognition they give me from time to time, I have picked myself up and moved from a mere book keep to producing of all accounts related books and having that hunger of achieving more.
  • A place where dreams come true: The first time I met Kate on the veranda of Mount Soche Hotel she told me that my life will be transformed and my dreams will come true only if I can stay focused and work hard, I doubted her because my dream was to drive my own car and go further with my education, this came into reality barely two and a half years I have been at The Responsible Safari Company.

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