It’s International Women’s Day this week and we’ve dedicated the week to showcasing women’s stories from RSC

We were so proud when we learned of Fanny’s story

Fanny is a beneficiary of our sponsorship programme through our partner community project, CISER. Having been on the sponsorship programme for 5 years now, she’s a real success story!

Fanny has now moved from her rural village to the bright lights of Blantyre, about 3 hours from her home, and is a waitress at one of the Lodges that we work most with, Casa Mia.

Malawi Student sponsorship

‘Endurance and patience are the traits that have taken me this far’ comments Fanny in her interview with Janet Sangano, RSC’s Sales Assistant.

Fanny is 22 years old from Mangochi, she is the third born in a family of 5 children. Despite the different obstacles that she faced such as her father’s sickness and lack of financial support from her family, Fanny did not give up on her dreams.

She worked so hard in school regardless of the long distance from her home to school. Fortunately, Fanny met Joseph Makwakwa (CISER Director) who helped her by putting her on the Student Sponsorship Programme which is run by The Responsible Safari Company donors.

Fanny says that she has benefited greatly from the sponsorship. In addition she was given a bicycle for transportation from home to school. This bicycle did not only assist in her transportation from home to school but she was also using it for hire, and the money made was used for the basic needs at home.

The move to Blantyre

After completing her Malawi School Certificate Examination (MSCE), she proved her determination and decided to move to the big city of Blantyre to further her education and enrol on a Hotel Management course at Malawi Institute of Tourism (MIT).

Life at college has presented new challenges for Fanny, the CISER Sponsorship Programme finances her tuition fees, so she raises her own money for living expenses and also to help her relatives in the village, back in Mangochi. She started sharing a house with her friends in one of the rural areas in Blantyre.

Despite the new challenges of life in the city she has not given up, and started a part time job as a waitress alongside her college to raise some money for her living expenses. With hard work and determination, she has managed to finish her certificate in Hotel Management studies and is currently working as a waitress at the very popular Lodge and Restaurant in Blantyre, Casa Mia.

Fanny believes in herself and she is aiming at making a difference in her life and also for her family and the community at large. She says that she was inspired by the Director of the school she attended in Mangochi who was a lady. The Director motivated her and she believes that she can also make it in life! She is currently saving some money from the salary she gets to further her studies.

If you are ever in Blantyre, pop in to Casa Mia to say hello to Fanny! 

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