The world has changed...

Since we last blogged the world has indeed changed. As a company we have always tried to find the positives in our work and in the beautiful destinations that we promote. Our heart is embedded in our work and with passion comes enormous highs but also crushing sadness when things are not able to continue as planned.

We have all had to re-evaluate our lives, whether we have been furloughed, lost our jobs, found new friendships or reconnected with our loved ones, the world has changed. We are no longer able to satisfy a whim of popping to the shops, hugging our friends or booking a holiday, we have to think more about what we do and our impact on those closest to us and in the world at large.

Our team in Malawi and in UK worked so hard in 2019 to set up and train for a full year of 2020 expeditions. Our suppliers in Malawi were ready and our marketing budgets had been set and spent. It was a pretty calamitous overnight collapse of this work and the feeling of being run over by a freight train at full speed as we tried to figure out a way forward.

We thank you for your support- it is has been so much appreciated...we are still here and in true Kate and Dom style we don't plan to go anywhere so here are our plans and how you can get involved.

Our base is Malawi...our knowledge is for hire

We have an amazing team in Malawi and would dearly love to keep the remaining few and use their skills and knowledge to further continue the amazing work you all do when you visit. So if you have a long standing relationship with Malawi, would like a project checked on, research done or peer to peer Malawi training then do get in touch. Farida and Inno are there and keen to get their teeth stuck in.

They have been working on some management training for an education charity based in Nsanje and using their skills of collaboration to improve communication between the Uk and Malawi teams as well as improving confidence and organisation within the Malawi field team.

Our rates for this consultancy vary and we will always do our best to work within your budgets so if you were planning to head to Malawi to work with your linked organisation then we would love to ensure this work gets done and our Malawi team are here to help you implement this.

The future is...impact based tourism

We have a new website coming and with it we are really embedding our three markets. We will be pushing forward with Orbis Study Trips (Schools), Orbis Impact Expeditions (our skill sharing trips) and The Orbis Challenge Series (Sport with a Purpose). We want to get you out to Malawi and making an impact, whether it be through a global citizenship programme, knowledge sharing impact expedition or running on the foothills of Mulanje...we are always on the hunt for new group leaders so if you fancy coming out to lead any of our bespoke expeditions then just drop us an email and tell us your idea...

Word of mouth will see us through...

You and your stories will be the thing that gets us past coronavirus and back on our feet. So keep re tweeting, sharing, tagging us in and spreading the Orbis/RSC word. Your support is incredible both to us as a company and the thousands of Malawians that rely on tourism as their route out of poverty. @rscmalawi on Instagram and @OrbisExp on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you.

Kate and Dom.

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