Be inspired... understand the challenges and successes of Malawi women in business.

We'd like to introduce you to a select group of Malawi women who want to share their aspirations and hopes for their future, and that of their families. Determined to forge ahead and support each other in their businesses.

Through our Women's Entrepreneurship Malawi Expedition we connect with these women and create new partnerships, sharing your skills and understanding more about the key role of women in Malawi and the effects this can have on the development of rural communities.

In May we are running our first Women's Expedition to Malawi and these are some of the ladies that will be attending our skill sharing workshops.

Endrina Maxwell - Dwale Supplies and General Dealers growing sunflowers for grain which is processed into sunflower oil...

Endrina - Malawi Women

"Women must realise that it is possible to start small, and you can start small. You don't need to be great or big to start. Begin where you are and the rest will follow... never mind about your background or where you came from, if you use your hands and minds, you will reach your destiny. Through self encouragement business growth in Malawi is possible."

Massiyre Regina Nyang'wa - Poultry farmer and egg producer - Massirye's aim is to ensure that pregnant and breastfeeding women and children can have an egg a day to prevent malnutrition and stunting...

"Malawian women in business have a responsibility to encourage and support those who are still developing their business skills to be courageous, to follow their dreams and reach their goals."

Thelma Kaliu - Pearl's Own Investments - Clothing and catering services 

"I believe that women have a very important role in supporting one another in order to achieve entrepreneurial business growth in Malawi. They have to be each others customer and biggest supporter instead of being envious of their fellow women's businesses."

Patricia Yasha Manyengo - Confectionery and cakes

"Mentoring each other and involving other women who have experience in other business is also a way in which Malawian women can support each other. The mentor-ship programme will help women to develop an admiring heart upon seeing what other women are doing."

Mwai Kampsi - The "Abwezi" Bag  - a reflective bag with a solar panel which charges up as the child walks to school (Abwezi is a Chichewea local word for companion).

"I believe one woman wins, everyone wins. We provide women with the support they need, an opportunity to grow and help develop their passion. They are then able to become empowered leaders of the community."

If you would like to be part of something and share your expertise with a group of inspiring Malawi women - join on our Women’s Entrepreneurship Expedition to Malawi in September 2018

Malawi Women

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