We are committed to mitigating the environmental impact of travel to Malawi whilst continuing to support sustainable tourism to the region.

In 2020 The Responsible Safari Company and Orbis Expeditions are supporting Zomba Based Charity TREEZ to combat deforestation in the area surrounding Zomba Forest Reserve.

Offset your Carbon Footprint Here.

The estimated carbon offset is £40 to fly from London to Malawi return. RSC and Orbis will encourage clients to offset their carbon footprint for their trip to Malawi as well as promoting TREEZ as their 'purpose' charity for The Orbis Trail Challenge.

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Deforestation and TREEZ

Over 90% of Malawians rely on firewood for cooking and heating and in the last 30 years 85% of all the trees in the country have been cut down. There will soon not be enough biomass in the country to sustain the needs of the ever increasing population. 

TREEZ works with communities at grass roots level to plant trees, protect existing ecosystems and raise environmental awareness to help mitigate and reverse the devastating effects of deforestation.

Some Facts- Malawi and Deforestation

£250 to plant 1 hectare of trees

£250/year/hectare to protect and maintain these seedlings until they are mature enough to be left alone

£200 for each pair of fire patrolmen for the 3 main months of the dry season. They are crucial in providing an early warning in case of fires in the area.

£750/year/team in sponsorship to sports teams who in exchange help with tree planting, maintenance, fire fighting and general conservation efforts in their communities.

£1,000 for the yearly environmental awareness and education programme, delivered to 8 schools in the vicinity.

100% of all donations go towards helping to build environmental resilience in these communities.


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