If you want to get under the skin of Africa, learn more about the role of women within a developing country, strip travel back to basics and use your skills to help others – then this expedition could be just what you’re looking for . . . 

Womens Ex Katy TEaching 

My name is Kate and I own Orbis Expeditions, based in the UK, and The Responsible Safari Company, based in Malawi. 

After ten years of living in Africa, I now spend my time putting together bespoke expeditions to Malawi that aspire to promote the idea of Global Citizenship: that we are all part of one world, and that collaborating with one another is integral to a sustainable travel experience.

This seven-day expedition to Malawi is designed for women who want to travel with a purpose – who want to use their skills and experiences and work with women from a different culture and background.

The expedition offers a chance to participate in business skills exchange workshops; to live in a village homestay; to go wild on safari; and to spend time at a secondary school on the shores of Lake Malawi.

Womens Ex Gemma Workshop


2019 Women’s Empowerment Expedition Outline

Entrepreneurial Women’s Forum

Your first few days in “the warm heart of Africa” will be spent working with a group of Malawian women who are striving to grow and develop their businesses and organisations.

Depending on your team’s skills, we will set up workshops in finance, marketing, business growth and admin that offer support and a chance for collaboration with these Malawian women. 

In the past, these day-long events have been filled with the buzz of collaboration, of learning more about how business is done in Malawi, along with some of the challenges these ladies are facing.

Watch a 2018 Expedition Highlights video

The next morning there is an opportunity to visit a local entrepreneurs hub, nearby organisations that share similar interests, or to meet a local youth group tackling the challenge of home-based care for families suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Everyone leaves feeling inspired by having worked so closely together.


Womens Ex Vicky One on One


Expedition Homestay

Your night in a Malawian village B & B will take the concept of sofa surfing to a new level! 

This is a fantastic business initiative that we have set up with a number of host families in a small village near Zomba Plateau. Expect a very basic brick house, a mattress and mosquito net – and, of course, a huge welcome from your host family!

You will spend 24 hours with your host family: following their routine, tending to the garden, cooking food and playing with the children. 

There is limited or no electricity.  It will be trips to the well for water and washing. Life is very basic but an incredible experience.

2017.06 Gabrielle Kayoko brick making


Expedition Safari

Time to unwind and soak up the beautiful wilderness of Liwonde National Park!

During your time at Mvuu Camp you will go on a game drives and a river boat safari, giving you plenty of opportunities to spot the park’s wildlife and soak up the outstanding scenery. 

The river boat safari in particular will be a true highlight, offering you a chance to see herds of elephant coming to the banks of the river to drink. 

Your accommodation is shared thatched tents – offering that perfect mix of being part of the wilderness, while remaining within the safety of the camp!


2016 Liwonde Boat Safari2


Education on the shores of Lake Malawi

For the final two days of your expedition, you will be working with a youth group who are passionate about sustainably developing their community. 

You will be able to run mentoring sessions at the village secondary school, get involved with the permaculture project, take part in primary school literacy programmes, or head into the village and learn more about life on the lake shore.

Many groups choose to work at the village secondary school running team-building workshops and taking part in STEM style challenges and career guidance courses, as this is an incredible way to get to know the students and have a long-lasting impact on their futures and career choices moving forward. 

Our team in Malawi and the youth group are there to ensure that you and the students you interact with are comfortable and to maximise the impact achieved.


Womens Ex Engineering Workshop


Further Travel following the 2019 Women’s Empowerment Expedition

Orbis Expeditions would be delighted to help you arrange further travel or community work across Malawi and surrounding countries.


2019 Women's Empowerment Expedition Cost

£1,800 pp (including transfers, accommodation, meals and bespoke activities).

I ask for 20% deposit to confirm your space, and the remainder 6 weeks before departure.

Some women have been successful in gaining match funding from their employers.  We can be flexible with payment options and are happy to offer installment plans. 



Here at Orbis Expeditions, we recommend the route through Joannesburg and up to Blantyre, but there are also routes through Nairobi and Addis Ababa. 

Flights can be confusing for first-time travellers, so do email us if you need some support (£25 flight admin fee).


How many people will be on my team?

There will be 16 women, plus one UK Tour Leader. 

The leader is a full member of the team, but will also be responsible for team admin, connecting you all in the run-up and before the expedition, and acting as your point of contact before, during and after the 2019 Women’s Challenge.


How do I sign up?

If you would like to experience the Women’s Empowerment Expedition, or have any questions, drop me an email kate@orbis-expeditions.com and we can set up a time to chat.

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